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Friday, August 23, 2019
  • Accident prone
    At the artery of Shikarpur city, Station Road, road accidents take place quite regularly. Rash driving and novice drivers of motorcycles, rickshaws etc are behind them.According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, there were 5,958 fatalities, and 14,489 suffered from injuries out of road-related accidents across the country in 2017-18. Punjab had the highest fatalities at 3,371 followed by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which recorded 1,295. Sindh witnessed 802 and Balochistan 313. If the traffic police deployed at the road in question... Read more »
  • In poor health
    This letter refers to the recently announced revised fees structure for different medical tests and checkups in hospitals issued by the Punjab government’s health ministry. This fee structure shall be applicable to all Punjab government hospitals, DHQ and THQ hospitals where the majority of the visiting patients belong to the poor or lower middle class that makes up around 80 percent of the province’s population. The notification shared by the government clearly mentions rates for each medical test and OPD... Read more »
  • With feet on the ground
    If the government wants to manage the financial crises and check inflation, it ought to keep its eyes on the stars and feet on the ground. This means that it must aim big but not forget the plight of the common man. Having its feet on the ground, the government will understand the misery of poor. It will also learn that ‘to err is human’ and the best course is to learn and correct your mistake instead of escalating to... Read more »
  • Plant for Pakistan
    Plant for Pakistan campaign was launched all over the country on August, 18, 2019. The tree plantation campaign has not showcased the commitment to afforestation and climate change mitigation but is aimed also at motivating people to become part of this effort. It merits a mention that Plant for Pakistan was also started in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on August 18, 2019 to offset the growing effects of climate and global warming. According to the spokesman of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Forest Department,... Read more »
  • Improved services
    Unlike the past, the incumbent Punjab government is bent upon paying special attention to matters related to Auqaf and religious affairs. The government aims to provide improved standards of religious services and facilities at mosques, shrines and peaceful environment for devotees. Moreover, the government has also focused on religious harmony and promotion of unity amongst various sects of Islam. It is heartening to see that the government has allocated Rs58.89 million for seven ongoing schemes and Rs249.189 million for 15... Read more »
  • Bullied online
    Cyberbullying has been a major global crisis since the invention of the internet. The targeted population is the youth. The number of teens using such platforms is increasing by the minute which makes it the perfect space for cyberbullying. The victims of this act become emotionally troubled and often resort to suicide. Reports say that suicide rates have increased by 11 percent all around the world due to cyberbullying, resulting in the death of 140 teens per year.Popular social media... Read more »
  • Electrocuted
    This refers to the letter, ‘Rain deaths’ (August 19, 2019) by Hammal Naeem. I agree with the writer. The latest heavy monsoon rain in Karachi city claimed nearly 23 lives. Most of them were killed due to electrocution.I urge K-Electric and other relevant workers of the city to take strict measures on this matter so as to protect citizens from further damage and death.Waheed WahidKech... Read more »
  • Dealing with the IS
    This refers to the editorial ‘Heinous attack’ (August 20) about the attack in Kabul by a suicide bomber of the Islamic State; the attack targeted a marriage hall, killing over 63 people mostly Shias. Fears had been expressed in the past that if the Islamic State is not stopped, Afghanistan may not see peace. Pakistan has a porous border therefore intrusion into Pakistan by Islamic State suicide bombers cannot be overruled. It poses a potential danger to our security and... Read more »
  • Why punish expats?
    After living for 15 years in Canada we, as a family, decided to return to Pakistan filled with extreme love and patriotism. One of the first things we were told to do was to register our cell phones with the PTA to avoid lock down. As my daughter started the registration process online, she was surprised to learn that we all have to pay a hefty customs duty (Rs50,000 approx) on each cell phone which was bought in Canada after... Read more »